Choosing the best wedding makeup look for your big day is an incredibly personal affair. Once you’ve locked in the location, selected your dream dress, and addressed the endless array of details, defining your beauty approach is an essential final step. Whether you’re having a larger-than-life soirée or commemorating occasion with your partner in an intimate ceremony, it’s important to pick a bridal makeup look you’ll feel good about for years to come.

“Bridal makeup should be timeless,” says makeup artist Meredith Baraf, who suggests selecting a look that accentuates your natural beauty. “Generally speaking, this is not the time to try something new, avant-garde, or to stretch out of your comfort zone. Feeling and looking like the best you is super important.”

Makeup artist Cherish Brooke Hill recommends opting for a look that not only complements your dress, but also one that’s wearable and not overdone. “A wedding look will live on in pictures and memories forever, so it is important to keep that in mind when choosing a makeup look for your wedding day,” she says.

Ready to start curating your bridal beauty look? Here, pro makeup artists walk us through their favorite tips, tricks, and products.

Prep & Set

Regular skin care is always the first step toward an optimal makeup moment, but experts agree that your wedding day complexion prep should go a step further. “Things like cryotherapy, face gym, light therapy, and other facials (depending on your skin’s needs) are a good way to prepare for the [wedding day],” says Baraf, who also recommends drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep. “I always suggest not eating foods that cause inflammation,” adds Hills. “Focusing on eating anti-inflammatory foods before your wedding is so helpful in making sure you internally reduce inflammation in the skin. It also helps clear acne and redness.”

If a pre-wedding facial isn’t in the cards, makeup artists recommend using devices like Solawave or the NuFace system to de-puff and contour the skin. “Eye masks and sheet face masks are great ways to prep your skin the day of the wedding,” says makeup artist Mark Quirimit. “Don’t forget to do a lip exfoliation also!”

To ensure that your look lasts all night, Hill notes that using a damp makeup sponge and taking the time to really blend and press your foundation into the skin makes all the difference. “I love to use precision-shaped brushes to lightly press the powder to set makeup into the skin to really create a flawless long-lasting finish,” she says. “Use a setting spray directly onto the face, and also spray a sponge that was used to apply foundation and pressing makeup into the skin.” Additionally, opt for waterproof mascara in case of tears, and keep blotting papers close by to wipe away any oiliness with ease.

For the Classic Bride

“For a classic bride, the look should be very effortless with a slight shimmer to the eye, soft shadow eyeliner that defines and elongates the eye shape, and a soft flushed cheek,” Hill says. To achieve a gentle and timeless aesthetic, Quirimit also recommends opting for soft washes of color, along with mauve lips and an application of individual lashes.

For the Sexy Bride

Makeup artists agree that brides looking to lean into the sexiness of the day should pick a look that smolders. “Either a warm smoky eye with browns, or for the daring bride, a darker rich black smoky eye,” says Quirimit. Baraf agrees. “This bride should express and be herself, but opt to do so with neutral colors if possible,” she says, emphasizing the need to make sure the eye look is blended and diffused. Otherwise, keep skin glow-y and bronzed with a soft neutral lip.

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