The oft-overlooked area of space between the eyes is suddenly getting its very own star treatment, thanks to runway looks which have trickled down into every day makeup trends. It was spotted at Chet Lo’s spring/summer 2023 show during London Fashion Week last September, where the spiky-clad models stomped the catwalk with vivid flushes of eyeshadow emanating from the centre of their faces. Next, it filtered down to the more avant garde celebs.

The always fashion-forward actor Emma Corrin appeared at the premiere of their film My Policeman last October with a metallic green-tinted nose, looking like a pixie who’d been bathed in fairydust, and singer and The Idol star Troye Sivan spruced up his Oscars after-party look with some abstract neon nose-bridge eyeliner. It’s also been spotted on the likes of Jennie Kim from K-pop group Blackpink and Euphoria makeup girlie-in-chief Hunter Schafer.

Emma Corrin has championed the painted nose bridge trend

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Terry Barber, director of makeup artistry for M.A.C, created the looks for Chet Lo’s show. “I like makeup statements which explore other areas of the face other than the standard eye, lip, cheek combo,” says Barber. “I always loved Daryl Hannah’s iconic strip of black across the eyes in Blade Runner which really got me into playing with that part of the face. With Chet’s show, the makeup was a nod to the Hindu festival Holi, where pigments are thrown in the air. It was about making the makeup look like it had fallen on the face rather than being placed there.

“I prefer makeup which has a random feel to it — it also stops the use of colour from looking like a pastiche of the 80s.”

Troye Sivan at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

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While this look remains a little too “out there” to debut at the office this summer (many of us still can’t get away with wearing open toed shoes, remember), it’s also just so happens to be festival season, giving you the perfect playground to test out a bit of nose bridge makeup magic. Play around, have some fun with it — go for bright colours and metallics that will catch the light, like this shimmering lavender Liquid Metallic Eyeshadow in Supernova by E.l.f cosmetics, £6. Avoid nude shades unless you want to look like you sneezed into your bronzer.

Apply by dabbing in the centre of your nose then blending outwards using a fluffy eyeshadow brush around on the edges. You want to look like Violet Beauregarde *just* as she starts to turn violet.

1. Teardrops

Glitter teardrops were popularised by Zendaya’s makeup on hit HBO show Euphoria, but the trend is going one step further by emulating actual teardrops using transparent gel products. Truly taking the ‘wet look’ to the next level. The Instagram beauty set is raving about this gel by Linda Hallberg Cosmetics to best fake those glassy tears. Infinity glass, LH Cosmetics, £23,

Makeup artist Emily Wood used Pak’s lipgloss

/ Emily Wood

2. Metallic lips

I’m thinking C3P0; I’m thinking tin man. Depending on whether you go for gold or silver, you’re either giving Daisy Jones & The Six or The Matrix. Not to worry, both looks are in. Makeup artist Emily Wood (@emilywoodmakeup) made it look good with only a Pak Cosmetics lipstick in her arsenal, and, if the rumours are true, uber trendy fashion week MUA Isamaya Ffrench is releasing a silver gloss soon. For now, this Byredo colour stick will do the trick. Colour stick in Chin of Gold, Byredo, £32,

Seeing spots: Marika De Auteuil

/ La Petite Vengance / Instagram

3. Studio 54 dots

Disco is back, guys — Beyoncé said so. This look went viral after it was posted by beloved Insta-famous makeup artist Marika De Auteuil, aka @lapetitevengance, who used the leftovers from a used sheet of stickers as a stencil to create the dots. Combine the stencil with an even dusting of your most vibrant shadows (or cop this one from M.A.C) and away you go. Connect in colour eyeshadow palette, M.A.C, £42,

Bella Hadid working white eye liner in Monaco

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4. White liner

White liner is everywhere right now, and though it typically works better on darker skin tones, Bella Hadid’s white liner moment at the Monaco Grand Prix back in 2018 proved it can be for paler types too. While a traditional wing is most common, it looks extra futuristic when worn under eyes, as shown in Dior’s haute couture spring/summer 2022 show. This M.A.C eyeliner will sort you right out — Colour excess gel pencil eyeliner, M.A.C, £18.50,

White lines at Dior’s spring/summer 2022 show during Haute Couture Week

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5. Tooth gems

Did you know toothgems can last as long as six months? This stylish piece of dental bling is an investment, and a great thing to whip out for extra-fly festival pic. Crystal Canine, which sells itself as the UK’s “OG tooth gem company”, are based in Deptford and will sort you a cute little accessory for your gnashers from £40. So lift up that lip and smize, baby. You can book your appointment here. Crystal Canine, from £40,

Crystal Canine tooth gems

/ Crystal Canine

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