The Ultimate Glossier Spring Makeup LookThe Ultimate Glossier Spring Makeup Look

Spring Makeup Look featuring Glossier

Glossier Spring Makeup

The weather has been so beautiful lately in Maryland and it just makes me so happy and excited for spring! I’m excited to share with you my favorite Glossier spring makeup look.

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For my Spring Glossier makeup tutorial, I was going for an ethereal, glowy makeup look.

I also want to note the photos of my makeup look is not retouched! I only blur the background and brighten the photo (I take my photos in natural light). As you see, I don’t have perfect skin. I have a fair complexion and typically dry skin type, with the occasional hormonal breakout.

Glossier makeup for the beauty minimalist

The best spring makeup from Glossier

Skincare Prep

I always like to prep my skin after cleansing with Super Bounce.

Next, I’ll mix a dime size amount of Priming Moisturizer with a pump of FutureDew (review here) for a glowy base. I like that mixing it with my PM will keep my makeup lasting longer and just makes my skin look so good!

And since I’m heading outside more often, I always make sure to apply SPF. I switch between Glossier Invisible Shield and this one from Supergoop.

Complexion + Color

Skin Tint is my go-to for a light “no makeup” makeup day (I wear shade G11). It evens out my skin tone and minimizes redness. For areas where I want more coverage, I’ll apply Stretch Concealer with this concealer brush or if I want a more natural look, I’ll just use my ring finger to gently pat into my skin.

Cloud Paint will forever be one of my favorite makeup products by Glossier. I’ve tried a lot of cream and liquid blushes but I always come back to Cloud Paint because the formula is bouncy and the color is so dreamy.

For my spring Glossier makeup look, I applied Cloud Paint in Puff and Eve (mixed together) on the apples of my cheeks. (Bonus tip: when I purchased Eve, I poked a tiny hole in the seal so that I can better control dispensing the blush and not waste so much – total game changer!) I’ll apply 2-3 dots on each cheek and then blend with this dense blush brush (I love it for applying cream formulas) if I’m not in the mood to apply with my fingers.

For extra dew, I took Haloscope in Moonstone (my favorite) and swipe/blend on the temples, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow and under my brow bone. The opalescent glaze looks like a beautiful, natural sheen on my pale skin.

Once my face makeup is complete, I dip my setting powder brush in Wowder (I wear G11-G12) and lightly press into the areas that I want to reduce shine, which is typically right under my eyes and forehead.

Eyes + Brows

I’m all about the pastel eye makeup look right now. I’ve been applying Skywash in Pebble (review here) on my lids and blending up to my crease. It has a grayish undertone but somehow just works well as an eyeshadow base for me. Once it dries down to its matte finish, I’ll take Lidstar in Lily (review here) and apply it on my lids and blending with my ring finger. For a pretty inner corner highlight, I’ll apply Moon and blend with my pinky finger.

I find that a really thin line of Pro Tip on my upper lash line makes all the difference. I also applied Colorslide in Cash Salad (discontinued) on my lower lash line to bring out the green in my hazel eyes.

Then I’ll curl my lashes and apply a few coats of Lash Slick. It instantly just opens up my eyes and makes my lashes appear uber long.

I’m a one and done brow gal so sometimes I’ll just brush them with a spoolie and then apply Boy Brow to groom them into place. Other days, I’ll take the time to fill in any sparse areas by using Brow Flick first and then Boy Brow and that makes a huge difference if I want a fuller, more bushy brow look.


For my lips, I decided to go with Generation G in Like (cool pink). Since I primed my lips with Bubblewrap, it helps to reduce any cracks and looks like a perfectly blotted pink lip look. If I need extra moisture during the day though I’ll just swipe some clear Lip Gloss on.

You can shop my spring Glossier makeup look here. As an affiliate with the brand, I do make a small commission if you shop through my links. If you do, thank you so much!

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