Benefits of getting a Makeup Artist on your wedding day

Bridal makeup isn’t always easy to apply yourself, what with the skills required and even the nerves of the day. Not only does your makeup need to look good in person and last all day, but it must photograph beautifully too. That’s why most brides hire a professional instead. As well as applying your makeup, they are there to calm and reassure you, and their presence will set the tone for the rest of the day.

What does a professional Wedding Makeup service involve?

Wedding makeup usually includes a trial, which will give the makeup artist the chance to select the right products, and ensure you are happy with the finished look. This includes matching products to your skin tone, as well as creating the kind of look you had in mind, such as natural, soft glam, or even a vintage makeup look.

On the day, the makeup artist will travel to your location and apply the makeup while you are getting ready. The service may also include makeup for the wider bridal party too, including your maid of honour and bridesmaids.

How much does Wedding Makeup cost?

The cost of wedding makeup ranges between $250 and $650 on average. The price usually includes the trial unless otherwise stated. Sometimes the trial is priced separately or as a total package.

Though these are the average costs, wedding makeup artists are free to command any rate they choose. Expect to pay more for in-demand makeup artists, especially those who are the most experienced.

What changes the price of Wedding Makeup?

The cost of wedding makeup varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Experience of makeup artist

  • Number of people

  • Makeup style

  • Touch-ups

  • Your wedding date

  • Brand of makeup used

  • Location

Experience of makeup artist

The experience of the makeup artist will determine the cost. Newly graduated makeup artists may charge as little as $90 for wedding makeup, though won’t have as much experience in product application or the running order of the day.

It’s important that if you do opt for a lesser experienced makeup artist, that they can deliver exactly what you had in mind. Meeting them in person and checking out their portfolio is always a good idea – regardless of their experience.

On the other end of the scale, expert wedding makeup artists can charge anywhere up to $760 and above. Such professionals will have an extremely impressive portfolio, with potentially hundreds of weddings under their belt.

Beyond this, makeup artists with celebrity or red carpet experience may charge thousands of dollars to apply your wedding makeup. So there is flexibility across the board depending on your budget.

Number of people

Wedding makeup can be applied to the bride only, or the wider bridal party. Most makeup artists will offer a package deal to cover the different options which will help manage the costs. For large bridal parties, your makeup artist may require an assistant, or you may have to hire additional makeup artists which will bump up the cost.

Makeup style

Some brides prefer a natural makeup look on their big day, and others want full-on glam. The makeup style may affect the cost, as some makeup looks require far fewer products than others. Plus, some looks take much more time to complete. For example, individual lashes will take far longer to apply than just a regular coat of mascara or even strip lashes.


Even with the best primer and setting spray in the world, your wedding makeup may require touch-ups throughout the day, especially as you move into the evening reception. Your makeup artist may offer touch-ups as part of their service at an extra cost.

Brides who have more than one wedding dress may also choose a different makeup look for each outfit. In which case, you’ll need to hire your makeup artist for the full day, rather than just a couple of hours.

Your wedding date

Similar to other wedding providers such as venues, there are certain times of the year when makeup artists are busier than others. This even applies to the days of the week, with Fridays and Saturdays being the most common days when people get married.

If you are looking to save money, then choosing an off-peak season or day of the week is the way to go. On the flip side, your makeup artist may charge a premium if you book them during their busiest period.

Brand of makeup used

Makeup varies significantly in quality from regular drugstore makeup to designer brands. Makeup artists have to purchase a lot of products and tools for their kit. If their kit is completely high-end, their services are likely to cost more than someone who only uses basic products.

Some makeup artists may also be affiliated with certain brands, including having been trained by them. Such courses can cost thousands of dollars to attend, which will likely make their services more expensive.

On rare occasions, you may also require or request products that aren’t part of your makeup artist’s standard kit. If so, the purchase cost will be passed onto you.


The location will impact the cost of any service you wish to hire, and makeup artists are no exception.

Yellowknife typically has the cheapest prices across Canada, averaging at $250 for a makeup trial and wedding day makeup.

Toronto is the most expensive area, averaging at $650. Makeup artists in bigger cities will usually command a higher rate, though you’ll also have more choice over the professionals that are available too.

However, when you consider all the other factors, it’s possible to find wedding makeup artists that charge above and below the average costs for their location.

Is it worth hiring a Makeup Artist for your wedding?

Given you will look back on your wedding photographs for the rest of your life, it’s essential that you’re happy with how your makeup has been applied. Few of us are confident makeup artists, especially when it comes to bridal makeup which needs to photograph well and last all day. Plus on your wedding day, you want things to be as seamless as possible. Having someone take care of your makeup will relieve a lot of stress, and will ensure you get exactly what you had in mind.

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