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As we all know, it is already widely known that the beauty industry is one of the most influential ones in South Korea.

With constantly updated beauty trends, it is clear that Korea has a promising beauty market for companies to grow.

Even though Korean beauty (aka K-Beauty) products are sold worldwide and people can get their hands on them, netizens still watch Korean beauty YouTube influencers to help them with their beauty journey.

The demand for South Korean beauty content is huge and the country’s beauty YouTubers are here to meet it.

And Influencer Marketing in Korea is also an important industry.

List of Influencers Beauty creators in South Korea

This article is perfect for brands who are looking for Korean beauty YouTubers to collaborate with.

Because not only are they talented but they also have a big influence on the Korean beauty community.

They have loyal fans that look up to them and await their new content

Once you work with them, you can rest assured that your brand will benefit from their influence and audience.

It will have no problems thriving in the country and getting the desired recognition in no time.

Not familiar with any of the Korean beauty influencers? Don’t worry, because we have a reliable list of the

Top 10 K-Beauty YouTube Influencers You Should Follow in 2023

  1. PONY Syndrome
  2. Free Jia
  3. Lamuqe
  4. Liah Yoo
  5. Anda
  6. Jella
  7. Yoo’s Beauty
  8. Dayeong
  9. Dasha Kim
  10. Haeni Beauty

Previously, we have a curated list of the best Korean photography influencers.

In this article, we did the same thing, curating the list of the best of the best beauty influencers on YouTube in Korea.

Here are the best Korean Beauty YouTubers you should know in 2023.

1. PONY Syndrome – The Most Famous Beauty YouTuber in South Korea

PONY Syndrome has 5.9 Million people subscribed to her.

She mainly focuses on makeup looks – from sweet, natural, glossy, cat eyes, doe eyes, and bold makeup looks, she is the master.

PONY’s fans often say that this Korean Beauty YouTuber can do anything.

She does her nails, cooks, plays guitar, and draws.

With the talents she has, PONY is loved by people from all over the world, too.

Fans would line up when she attends an event – some were even seen crying. She is that influential.

Brands and businesses choose her to work with due to the huge influence she has.

2. Free Jia – The Rising Korean Beauty YouTuber

Free Jia is a popular Korean Beauty YouTuber that just joined YouTube in 2019.

However, with only 26 videos, her subscribers reach a total of 1.97M subscribers.

She is a rising beauty YouTuber with her content revolving around makeup videos, vlogs, and Get Ready With Me videos.

Jia also does beauty Q&A, ASMR, and daily vlogs.

In her Q&A, she shares about her basic care, straight shoulder, thin waist, nutritional supplements, and perfume.

Upon watching her, you will find that she loves spending time with her cute puppy, Bazzi.

Jia’s fans love her and even her dog so much and will always watch whatever content she uploads.

With the traffic she gets, we recommend you work with Jia to reach Korean makeup enthusiasts.

3. Lamuqe – The “Plastic Surgeon” Korean Beauty YouTuber

Lamuqe is a Korean Beauty YouTuber who not only does makeup but also breaks down many makeup tips to her 1.24M subscribers.

She shares many makeup techniques, such as shading, contouring, lifting, and other makeup tips for beginners.

Lamuqe has a series called “Lamuqe Plastic Surgery” where she gives makeovers to other women.

In this series, she shows how people can drastically elevate their looks with just makeup.

Lamuqe also has a playlist where she imitates the makeup looks of Korean idols, such as Irene from Red Velvet.

With her unique concept and the number of her audience, we recommend brands work with her and benefit from her online presence.

4. Liah Yoo – A Korean Beauty YouTuber and A Dedicated Entrepreneur

This Korean beauty YouTuber slash entrepreneur with 1.24M subscribers mainly talks about skincare.

Liah Yoo also does skincare reviews and ranks skincare products from best to worst.

Other than that, you can find her recommending skincare products, such as sunscreen, makeup remover, and products under $20.

This passion for skincare then inspires her to launch her own skincare line called KraveBeauty.

On her YouTube channel, Yoo also shows her entrepreneurial side when talking about job interviews, her job, influencers, the beauty industry, and even capitalism on her channel.

Because of this, she has gained her fans’ trust by being so open about her perspective.

With her loyal fans, she is the perfect candidate for growing your brand.

5. Anda – The Shapeshifter Korean Beauty YouTuber

Anda is quite a shapeshifter.

Some of her videos are her turning herself into ae-Karina & ae-Winter AESPA, Wonyoung IVE, Beth Harmon, Ruby & Seol Haesa from the Webtoon Black Winter, and many others.

And she does a very good job at it.

This Korean Beauty Youtuber also provides hair-styling tips, such as wavy hair and bang-styling tutorials

Anda is also into fashion and has a “fashion” playlist on her YouTube channel where you can watch her try on different outfits.

Having 915K subscribers, Anda is the perfect gate for your brand to reach the Korean beauty market.

6. Jella – The Must-Watch Korean Beauty YouTuber

Jella is one of the few Korean beauty YouTubers with tanned skin.

She shows her 847K subscribers how to achieve various makeup looks, from fierce to doll-like.

This mom Korean beauty YouTuber uploads entertaining Get Ready With Me videos and uploads tips about skincare and hair care.

Besides that, she vlogs about her daily life, such as about her traveling and getting a new pet.

Her pregnancy and post-pregnancy journeys are also on her channel.

Jella is a YouTuber that should be on your A-List should you want your brand to grow.

7. Yoo’s Beauty – The Polyglot Korean Beauty YouTuber

Yoo’s Beauty is a Korean beauty YouTuber that fluently speaks three languages – Korean, English, and Spanish.

Some of her videos are her speaking in either of these three languagesut worry not, most of them have subtitles for international fans to watch.

Yoo loves doing themed makeup.

Her most popular video is her doing carrot-themed makeup with orange hair, eye makeup, and lips.

This talented makeup artist also shares content about hairstyles and fashion to her 1.24M subscribers, including hauls, outfit looks, OOTD, shoe collections, accessory collections, boot collections, and many other collections.

You can’t deny that she is quite a fashionista.

For brands, this is a sign to work with her and get increased exposure for your products.

8. Dayeong – The Korean Beauty Instagrammer Turned YouTuber

Kim Dae Yeong started her career on Instagram by posting a lot of makeup routines and product reviews.

Then, she moves to YouTube with the same niche and interest in the beauty world.

She posts a lot of makeup tutorials, such as those to achieve long-lasting, flawless, and natural makeup looks.

She does lipstick swatches and reviews other makeup products, too.

This Korean beauty YouTuber also does Get Ready With Me videos and daily vlogs.

Oftentimes, she shares her daily life of being a mom with her 555K subscribers.

Check her channel out to collaborate with her and be guaranteed increased recognition for your brands.

9. Dasha Kim – The Ex Flight Attendant Korean Beauty YouTuber

Dasha Kim is another Korean beauty YouTuber on this list with tanned skin.

She got famous from her Q&A videos about her experience being a flight attendant at Korean Air and her makeup and hair looks as a flight attendant before flying.

Now, she focuses on making content about skincare and daily makeup for her 286K subscribers to watch.

And she shares many makeup looks, such as daily makeup looks, valentine’s looks, everyday Instagram makeup, and many more.

Her videos are watched by people from all over the world, too.

This means that if your brand collaborates with her, it will gain exposure to many people from different backgrounds.

10. Haeni Beauty – The Beginner-Friendly Korean Beauty YouTuber

This Korean beauty YouTuber breaks down makeup mistakes beginners usually make and help them improve their makeup skills.

She also shows her viewers how to take care of pimples, color-correct, cover dark circles, and do touch-ups.

Haeni is undoubtedly talented and she knows a lot about makeup.

She also does makeup product recommendations for people who do not know where to start.

Having 136K subscribers, her channel is a lifesaver for people who just started doing makeup.

And it might be one for brands looking for a Korean beauty YouTuber to collaborate with.

Did any of the mentioned Korean Beauty YouTubers spark your interest?

Although these YouTubers work in the same industry, they have their unique niches.

You can also watch a lot of fitness influencers in Korea and they have the same dedication as these beauty influencers.

And if you want to collaborate with any of them, you can adjust their specialties to your business.

We highly recommend checking them out because these YouTubers have many fans that flood their comment sections whenever they upload a new video.

With such traffic, the influence of these YouTubers will be impactful for the growth of your business.

Increased exposure for your brand is at your fingertips.

So, what are you waiting for?

Connect with them now and watch your company grow through their influence.

You can also collaborate with them through Instagram as one of the marketing tools that help you achieve your brand’s sales and growth KPI as well as improve the ROI of your business.

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