Guest Speakers’ SeriesYou’ll join students across the School of Fashion & Textiles for our Industry Guest Speakers’ Series – you’ll hear from people with diverse backgrounds, skills and career paths representing the diversity of our student community, to inspire you to kick-start your thinking about your own career journey.

Creative PublicationYou’ll examine the diversity of world leading makeup and hair professionals through colour textures and historical relevance. This unit focuses on the skill of research, reference and application of makeup and hair design, through creating imagery for a creative publication. By knowing and understanding iconic imagery and industry professionals, we discover the development of the makeup and hair industry from its humble beginnings to its current global status.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion – Creative IdentitiesYou’ll be asked to explore and discover yourself and introduce who you are to your peers. This will be achieved through an individual creative outcome that explores their own history. To understand who they are, we ask learners to look at their friends and family and investigate into their own history, or the history of others around them. We are shaped by our environment, customs, traditions and beliefs and we have become who we are because of the people who have influenced us in some way. We have both the biological family and the family we create. We want you to think imaginatively about presenting your findings in a creative document.

Body Paint and Airbrushing for FashionThe art of body painting covers a vast area of painted effects and some makeup artists choose to specialise in this subject, usually in fashion, commercial, film and TV industries. This unit is about the design and application of airbrushing and body art – you’ll take an individual fashion house and design a garment that will be seen in a new collection. The difference is, this garment is purely painted on the body, considering the tone, shading and highlighting and client consistently.

HackathonIn your first Opportunity Week, you’ll work with others on a high-intensity project. You’ll use a new piece of software or equipment to familiarise yourself with the technology that is becoming ubiquitous in the industry. For instance, you may be asked to design a website, an Instagram filter, an avatar, a virtual garment or digital prints.

Cultural NarrativesThis unit calls for you to branch out and explore the world outside of your own experience. Being culturally aware means that artists are sensitive and well informed of others’ life occurrences and are inspired to create a platform to voice their views on such topics. So, for this unit, you’ll be set a client project that allows you room for creativity and provide a brand heritage, unique selling point and general established aesthetic for you to communicate an innovative beauty editorial.

Professional PracticeAs we approach the end of your first academic year, you will curate and build a Year 1 digital and/or physical portfolio. The portfolio will allow you to reflect, review, update and present all your unit outcomes in one place to demonstrate your knowledge/understanding, technical and professional skills as a makeup artist and hair designer. This is your first step in placing your own practice in an industry context.

Business of FashionYou’ll be introduced to the fundamental principles of fashion business and practices through a global lens. You’ll learn about how the macro environment affects the fashion industry sector and consumer groups and how it operates, introducing you to the various market levels and sectors, as well as industry structure, supply chain, distribution, marketing and commercialisation of products and services to end users.

ATOM ActivitiesATOM activities are small pieces of individual learning that facilitate interdisciplinary exposure across UCA, and offer a flexible, impactful learning experience. They expand your creative horizon by accessing learning topics that would not otherwise be scheduled on your course specific timetable.

PLE Digital OutcomesThe PLE Digital Outcome is a purposefully edited, self-directed record of your constructive, level 4 engagement with and presence on, digital media platforms across the year.

By Hà Phương

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