Trying your first glitter eyeshadow look and want something a bit more subtle? This peachy look from makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is perfect. It gives a pop of color while paying attention to neutrals too. We love how it contrasts with her blue eyes.

Recreate it: This look was definitely created with an eyeshadow stick for the peachy parts. Try HOURGLASS COSMETICS Voyeur Eyeshadow Sticks—and if you still want extra shimmer, add a little SAIE Super Glowy Gel.

5. Smoky Silver

This look is almost a NYE spin on a smoky eye. There are no neutrals, instead focusing on silver and black. It was made to be paired with a sparkly outfit as you live out your disco dreams.

Recreate it: This COLOURPOP Trouble Maker Shadow Palette will have everything you need and more. Unsure of your smoky eye skills? Check out our tips from experts.

6. Purple Haze

We can’t get enough of this deep purple look. It’s cosmic and feels super sci-fi. But if this particular color palette feels a little too bold for you, try to recreate the look with more of a lavender tone instead to lessen the pigment intensity.

Recreate it: This COLOURPOP Lav_ish Shadow Palette has every hue of purple you could need for this look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering the colors. It’s all about play!

7. Mermaid Eyes

This is how we imagine mermaids would wear makeup: With a subtle, frosty-pink lid and an electric blue eyeliner. These eyes also scream HBO and would fit right in on the set of Euphoria.

Recreate it: Try this sparkling white and pink glitter from MᐧAᐧC. Pack it onto your lids and finish with a blue eyeliner like this one from NYX.

8. Glitter Orbit

We found this look while searching for more mermaid-inspired glitter eye looks. We love how unique it is, as it almost draws a circle around the eye with the blue and pink colors and features a chunky glitter on the lid that makes the look pop even more.

Recreate it: Two brands will come in handy when trying out a look like this: MᐧAᐧC and LEMONHEAD. Check out the loose glitter from MᐧAᐧC to create the orbit around your eye. For your lid, you’ll want a more chunky and cream-based glitter. Something like this from LEMONHEAD will do the trick, and you have plenty of colors to choose from.

9. Cosmic Glitter

Claudiu Burcă’s eyes have us seeing stars (literally) and we’re beyond obsessed. This high-impact, spacey glitter look reflects all the light around you, lighting up your lids from sunset to nightcap and everything in between.

Recreate it: First, prep lids with primer to help your look stay-put. Line your eyes with a black liquid liner (like EYEKO Black Magic Liquid Liner creating exaggerated flicked out wings. Now here comes the fun part: Mix and match shadows with varying sizes of glitter to achieve that “stars blinking in the sky” effect. Apply in layers with a flat shadow brush (or your finger) until you’ve reached your desired level of glam. Then, tap Smith& Cult Glitter Shot All-Over Glitter Crush in Iridescent, following the curve of your wing and fanning up and out towards your crease.

10. Kaleidoscope Eyes

Channel hippie vibes with Burcă’s colorful, yet subtle glittery eyeshadow look. If you’re not ready to play with heavy duty sparkle, we love this for you. The little pops of colorful glitter here create a stained-glass-in-the-sun effect from every angle for a look so ridiculously cool, they may just write a song about you.

Recreate It: Apply a creamy bronze-orange eyeshadow all over lids like R.E.M BEAUTY Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow in Hot Lava. A cream base will give your glitter something to cling to. Then, apply NYX MAKEUP Metallic Glitter in Beauty Beam to lids, dotting it from your lash line out towards your brown bone for a kaleidoscope effect. Top your lashes off with a lengthening mascara like THRIVE COSMETICS Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara in Black for a fluttery effect.

11. Petal Pink Blitz

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