Hey everyone! If you saw my last tutorial you’ll know I’ve found a possible dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance shadows. I used the Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection palette for that eye look so I’m going to show you what it looks like and some swatch comparisons between the two palettes so hopefully this helps you all out if you were thinking about splurging on the ABH palette.

DSCN4334.jpgFor those of you who are unfamiliar with the Makeup Revolution palettes, this shape palette comes with 32 eyeshadows and all the pan sizes are relatively small to fit into that packaging, and I’ll be honest I usually avoid palettes like this because I find them so awkward to get pigment from because the pan sizes are so small but I saw this palette on Instagram before it launched in the UK and thought I’m going to give this palette a shot.

So the packaging is beautiful, even the box is stunning as you can see it’s a fuchsia pink colour with rainbow holographic reflect with the name of the palette embossed in the centre. On the back of the palette are circular pan sizes of all the colours but they aren’t the best guide to go off. Once the box is opened the palette is a sort of silvery rose colour and is impossible to capture on camera without showing up all the fingerprints, but it is stunning!


When you open the palette you get a full size mirror and the 32 eyeshadows with a plastic cover with all the shade names on it. Honestly Makeup Revolution names for their eyeshadows are so annoying, they don’t make any sense and have no relevance. The last line of shadows also reads out a sentence which I think is a nice touch but again a bit pointless because no one ever keeps the plastic covers as they just get messy.


So the palette is full of warm neutral shades, full of matte and shimmers. Comparing it to my other 32 shadow palette I know some of the shades are a bit off and some are really good and I’ll be honest it’s the same with this palette too but what else can you expect for £6. There is no way I would ever use most of the shades as some are extremely similar and some just don’t really stand out compared to others.

So I did a few random swatches of some of the shades to begin with, swatching some of shades that I probably wouldn’t reach for on a regular basis just to see how they would perform.

So some of the shades perform really well and some are a lot lighter and the shimmery shades don’t pop as much as you would expect, but now I’m going to test it against my beloved ABH Modern Renaissance palette and show side by side swatches of each shade with ABH shadows on the right and Makeup Revolution on the left. The only one I can’t show is a dupe for Tempera as it doesn’t show up on my skin it’s impossible to take pictures of, but the closest dupe for me is Contact from the Flawless 3 palette.



These two shades are incredibly similar but the ABH has a smoother texture which goes for all of the shadows. Golden Ochre has quite a yellow undertone which I’ve not seen many duplicates for but Renewal is pretty close.

This was a surprising dupe to me as the Makeup Revolution is a lot more reflective but in comparison is a lot chunkier.


Buon Fresco I’ve found to be a unique combination of pink and lilac making it a dustier colour, Makeup Revolution The is more on the pinkier side and isn’t as pigmented.

I’ve never used Antique Bronze from the ABH palette it’s not really a colour that I would use but Recharge is on the warmer side so I would be prone to using that shade more.


Love Letter is one of my top shades from the palette as I’ve never known a pink like it, On is a good attempt at replicating it but it’s on the lighter side and is a bit chalky, so not a good dupe for me.

Cyprus Umber is an odd shade as it’a quite a dull brown and I prefer to mix this with other browns but In has the right cool undertone but nowhere near as pigmented.


Raw Sienna has a mustard yellow sort of vibe to it and the closest I found in the palette is Back but it’s not identical it’s more of a true orange with no yellow tones to it.

As you can see these two are pretty much identical, orange transition shades are one of the easiest colours to create so these two are definitely a perfect dupe.


Primavera is a champagne soft gold which looks so fresh on the eyes and the closest I found in the Flawless 3 palette is New Dawn but it’s more on the copper side making these not a perfect dupe but the soft reflect is very similar.

Red Ochre is another fave, the swatch is incredibly messy but it’s a rusty red which I love to use in my everyday look. Based isn’t as deep but is still a nice rusty colour to use, but this shadow needs a lot more work to make it as intense on the eye.


I describe Venetian red as a raspberry shade and the closest shade I could see was Believing however this is more on the pink side, Makeup Revolution either have red or pink shadows nothing in-between making Venetian Red a unique shade with no dupe in this palette.

Warm Taupe is another shade I hardly ever use but Makeup Revolution have aced this dupe, Resurgence is basically the same shade just a bit dryer in formulation.


The final shade Realgar is the most pigmented bold orange which I love, Story on the other hand doesn’t have that deeper undertone to it making it a more vibrant orange which is equally as stunning but I don’t think I’ll ever find a matte eyeshadow as pigmented as Realgar.

So that’s all the comparison swatches, some are really similar some are a bit more disappointing. Props to Makeup Revolution for trying to attempt the shades for £6 I think they did a pretty good job. The other shimmer shades that I didn’t include as dupes are very hard to get a nice sheen from, they seem to bunch up and just don’t glide smoothly across the lid or on a hand swatch. I will probably still use this palette every now and again but I’m going to still reach for my Modern Renaissance palette over this for the time being as I know how easy I can create looks with these shades, I know how they blend I know how they pick up pigment and I know which colours work best together.

You can see me using the Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection palette in my latest tutorial. If you don’t have the money to splurge on the ABH palette then I would recommend this to you, and especially this palette would be great for beginners, I know the intense pigment from some of the ABH shades might shock some newbies to ABH shadows, it’s easy to apply too much eyeshadow at once making blending a nightmare!

So that’s all for this first impression, I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll be back very soon! xo

By Hà Phương

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