Allergic reactions to makeup are all too real. For parents of kids with nut allergies, it can be pretty scary putting anything on your kids’ skin.

This month for our mom-of-the-moment spotlight, we’re catching up with our dear friend, Lauren Posner, the proud mama of Roxanne — first grader, aspiring dancer and nut-free makeup connoisseur. Roxanne is allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, the most common kids’ nut allergies. (Weird fact: peanuts technically aren’t a nut but a legume. Go figure.) She loves to sing, dance and wear a little bit of pretty makeup at her recitals. Finding Petite ‘n Pretty’s nut-free makeup for kids gave Lauren the peace of mind she needed and Roxanne the touch of sparkle she wanted for those fancy occasions.

For other parents out there struggling to find kid-friendly makeup without nuts, we hope Lauren’s and Roxanne’s story inspires you, too!

You and Sam, Our Founder, Go Way Back. What Did You Think When She First Told You About Petite ‘n Pretty?

Lauren: I was SO excited when she told me about her idea to start a nut-free makeup brand geared towards creative kids. I had a conversation with Sam about the ingredients and all the testing Petite ‘n Pretty does, and I was convinced that she was using the best practices to create her products. I got Roxanne a 10K Shine Lip Gloss to try out and, of course, she loved it!

Does Safe Makeup for Kids Make a Difference for You and Roxanne?

Lauren: Absolutely! I’ve heard so many stories about children having adverse reactions to makeup and beauty products. There have even been products that didn’t contain obvious allergens that Roxanne reacted to, possibly because she was sensitive to some of the chemicals. Using a brand that I know is safe for her lets me breathe a sigh of relief.

What Sparked Roxanne’s Interest in Makeup?

Lauren: Roxanne started to show interest in wearing makeup when she was around five and a half. She participates in several theater and dance classes. Come recital time, when it was time to get in her costume, she wanted some makeup to go with her fancy outfits!

These Next Two Questions are for Roxanne!

What Do You Think of Petite ‘n Pretty Makeup?

Roxanne: I love wearing makeup because it makes me feel special! The lip gloss is great because I can put it on myself. My mom just got me the hair glitter, and I think it’s really fun.

Where Do You Like to Wear Your Petite ‘n Pretty Makeup?

Roxanne: My mom lets me wear makeup to parties or fancy dinners, sometimes. I also wear makeup at my dance recitals!

Back to You, Lauren…

Do You Remember Your First Makeup Memory?

Lauren: Not specifically, but I do remember getting my makeup done professionally when I had my Bat Mitzvah, and that made me feel really special!

If You Could Give Other Kids with Nut Allergies Encouragement, What Would You Tell Them?

Lauren & Roxanne: You are your own best advocate. Do your research. Don’t be afraid to contact a company to ask as many questions as you want about their products. There are so many great safe cosmetics out there, you just have to find the right one for you!

Last Question Just for Kicks…

If the You Were Stranded on an Island and Could Only Take One Thing…What Would it Be?

Lauren: A giant hat! Roxanne: My special blanket. 😊

Learn More About Petite ‘n Pretty’s Nut-Free Makeup Safe for Kids

Nuts are a notorious allergy trigger resulting in reactions as mild as a little itchiness to as severe as anaphylaxis shock (yikes!). With food allergies on the rise, especially for kids, it’s more important now than ever to give parents and their young creatives nut-free makeup options. We believe every young creative deserves a positive first beauty experience, and that means one that doesn’t cause an avoidable reaction. All of our kids’ makeup is developed without nuts or nut proteins, including almond, beech nut, Brazil nut, butternut, cashew, chestnut, chinquapin, coconut, hazelnut, ginko (or gingko) nut, hickory nut, lychee nut, macadamia nut, pecan, peanuts, pine, pili nut, pistachio, shea nut and walnut. Because nothing, especially a not a handful of nuts, should dim their light!

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Each month we put a Sparkle Squad mom in the spotlight who inspires us to keep putting kids first with every product, post and video we put out. From the moment we met blogger and body positivity advocate Stephanie Prosa we had a major mom crush — read how her love for creative expression guides her parenting (and kids makeup choices) of her three creative girls. Of course, we’re forever inspired by our very own founder, mompreneur and beauty disruptor, Sam Cutler, whose spent her career making some of the best beauty products in the biz. To learn more about her inspiration for Petite ‘n Pretty’s safe makeup for kids, read her message on the Sparkle Stories blog.

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