Personal Makeup Lessons for ladies over 40

My Mature age Personal Makeup Lesson is catered for ladies 40+. As you mature your face and skin changes, that being so our Makeup needs to change also.

We can no longer get away with the style of makeup we once had in our 20’s and 30’s. Our habits need to change and we need create new ones. This can be very daunting as you have been applying your makeup the same way for maybe 20+ years now. Your skin has now changed it does not have the same elasticity as it did in your earlier years. Around your eyes is the worst culprit, hooded and droopy eyes are setting in, dark circles are a permanent fixture and fine lines are creeping in. You apply your makeup and it just does not seem to do anything for you anymore and in some cases it even makes things look worse. We are all sounding so negative now. Let’s change that right now.

On a positive note Personal Makeup Lessons can teach you new techniques to combat this.

  • How contouring will be your new best friend?
  • How eyeshadow techniques can lift the eye and appear less droopy?
  • What are the best products for hiding those dark circles?
  • How to make fine lines less noticeable?
  • How darkness and light in the right positioning around the eyes can have an amazing effect?
  • How to choose new foundations to make the skin appear fresher and younger and glowing?
  • How eyebrows done correctly can give you an instant eye lift?
  • What eyeshadow colors will enhance your eyes?
  • What shade of lipstick is right for you and why?
  • Why blush is so important?
  • What brushes do what?

You can achieve all this without spending a fortune on products and tools? Most of the products you will already have. You will have peace of mind that at least the next time you are makeup shopping you will know what you need and definitely what you don’t need. We all have a lot of makeup that we regret wasting money on, that does not need to happen anymore.

Once you know these techniques and have the knowledge you will have them forever.

Your Personal Makeup Lesson

  1. Hands On One on One Lesson with me.
  2. All Makeup and Tools are provided.
  3. Step by Step Instructions.
  4. The products best for you.
  5. Tricks of the trade shared with you.
  6. A Makeup Artist who is there to educate you not sell you products.

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This is a Personal Makeup Lesson one on one, just for you. Tips, Tricks and Techniques designed for YOUR Face.

“Very Pleased With The Outcome.”

“I am so happy with my result and I felt very relaxed throughout the whole session. Rita’s professionalism and attention to detail Is fantastic. Rita is very informative and knows exactly what will work for everyone . Very pleased with the outcome. Thanks Again”

Linda Buston, Craigie, WA

Session is 2hrs

Price $190

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By Hà Phương

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