If you watched the movie Purge, you could instantly understand what the Purge meant and what it represented. The purge franchise was scary, and most of us just ignored the idea of watching it. But there’s nothing wrong with incorporating the Purge into your makeup, not literally, but using the Purge as inspiration. People have done it before and will be doing it again after. So here we are, including all the different purge-themed makeup looks for Halloween and costume parties in this article.

Halloween is when no one seems to be bothered, even when you wear your heaviest makeup and gaudiest clothes. I’ve always wished to live in a world where scarecrows and scarecrows made sense! Purge was my ideal Halloween costume because I wanted to conceal my face. Purge makeup trends are well-known on YouTube and Instagram, and people adore the idea of smearing neons and blood all over their faces and bodies. So ‘purge’ it is, then.

Purge makeup looks are all about a phony mask that is also very smiling. The idea of purging is to clean the city from its so-called sins. Purge makeup trends are trendy because they represent the nature of humanity and how they do the deed. Purging is supposed to represent what a person would do when given the power to do anything they want, just for 12 hours.

There have been so many makeup tutorials with purge makeup looks in the past, and we loved the trend of going all in for Halloween. So here we’ll be including some of the best makeup tutorials inspired by the Purge and its four sequels.

YouTube tutorials on purge makeup looks

Here we’ve included some purge makeup looks you can recreate at home. Several makeup artists have done the purge makeup looks over the years. Purge’s first sequel was released in 2013, and right away, people were obsessed with the idea of recreating the Purge looks on YouTube, and the theme fits in perfectly with the upcoming Halloween. Unfortunately, the makeup purge appears to have subsided after 2019. Nonetheless, as the new Purge sequel, The Forever Purge, was set to be released in 2021, people on social media began to build anticipation.

  • Neon Purge Makeup Looks- Shyla Marie
  • Election Year Lady Liberty – Madalyn Cline
  • Purge Makeup- Madeyewlook
  • Another Neon Look- Leslie Aileen
  • Purge Anarchy- Madeyewlook
  • The Glowing Liberty Mask- Kat Sketch
  • Candy Girl- StarringShemka
  • Another Election Year- Bonnie Corban FX
  • Purge Halloween Makeup Mask- Tina Konsik

Here we just included some of the purge makeup looks that had many views and likes on YouTube. Most of the artists were very thorough with the whole process of applying the purge makeup. So here we are, including video tutorials on purge makeup looks that are truly worth the hype.

Neon Purge Makeup Looks

This is a video makeup tutorial by Shyla Marie titled “quick+easy neon purge makeup look.” The viral YouTube videos inspired the makeup, and the artist had her take on the purge makeup. The makeup looks are easy, and there is not much to do except make shadows and lines on the face. After that, it’s about making the makeup look live with the pastels. The difference between this tutorial and the others is that the artist went for something glowy.

The products recommended are:

  • Morphe × James Charles Palate
  • Beauty Bay Pastel Palate
  • Morphe Brush M06
  • Glamvise Retro Liner-white

Election Year Lady Liberty

This makeup tutorial is for you if you want something weird and full-faced. This makeup tutorial was made for Halloween 2019, inspired by the Purge: election year, 2016. Madalyn Cline, the makeup artist, has uploaded her video and has more than ten thousand views. The video tutorial is a step-by-step guide on doing the purge makeup and is titled “The Purge: election year Lady Liberty makeup tutorial.” The artist had done every step using glue, fake blood, prosthetics, and face paint.

Products Used:

  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Loose Powder
  • Moon Creation Body Paint-sky Blue
  • Mehron Paradise Paint-teal
  • Mehron Paradise Paint-black
  • Maybelline Lasting Drama Eyeliner
  • Mehron Paradise Paint-white
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Palate- Subculture
  • Morphe× Jacklyn Hill Palate
  • Mantas Green Body Paint
  • Ben, Bye, Dark Blood
  • Nigel FX Latex
  • Graftobian Pro Paint
  • Mayor Imperative Paint- Black
  • Vampire Blood

Purge Makeup

This video is the OG of all the purge makeup videos that came out later in the years. The video tutorial on how to use purge makeup looks is titled “The Purge Makeup Tutorial” and has more than 3 million views. The video was uploaded in 2014, shortly after the first Purge franchise was released in 2013. The 2013-14 Halloween looks were all about purging, and this video resembles the idea very much. The makeup artist, Madeyewlook, used only a few simple steps, and it was all about how she applied them to the face. And this is why this video may have more views than any other purge makeup looks on YouTube.

Product Recommendation:

  • Naked Foundation
  • Urban Decay Primer
  • BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow- Brown
  • BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow—Light Grey
  • BH Cosmetics- Lip Liner
  • Mehron Paradise Paint-white
  • Mehron Paradise Paint-brown
  • Nyx Cosmetics Eyebrow Marker
  • Desert Rose Blush By MAC Cosmetics

Another Neon Look

Artist Leslie Aileen created the neon purge makeup look, which was later recreated and redone. And here we are talking about the 2019 makeup tutorial titled “Purge Makeup Tutorial,” which has more than fifty thousand views on YouTube. These purge makeup looks were inspired by the purge election year film back in 2016. The artist used Nyx white eyeshadow and later traced the lines with fluorescent neon pink eyeshadow. The video ended with a top layer of white eyeliner. The complete loon looks like a hyper-realistic neon purge. It’s to die for.

Products Used:

  • Nyx Cosmetics White Eyeshadow Base
  • Neon Pink Pigment
  • Nyx Cosmetics White Eyeliner
  • Divine Eye Candy False Lashes

Purge Anarchy

This is another purge makeup tutorial done by Madeyewlook, and the video is very short in general. The makeup tutorial is titled “The Purge Anarchy Makeup Tutorial” and has more than sixty thousand views. The artist starts with minimal products, and the result and turnout of the makeup result completely go to her artistry. The makeup look was inspired by the 2014 sequel to Purge: Anarchy. The 13-14 of the early 2010s was all about purging, and this video was a dedication to that. The full video was dedicated to purging makeup with dark exteriors.

Products Used:

  • Graftobian Pro Paint-white
  • Graftobian Pro Paint-dark Grey
  • BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow: Dark Grey
  • Mehron Paint Paradise-red
  • Superstar Paint-beige 016

The Glowing Liberty Mask

This purge makeup video was uploaded by Kat Sketch in July of 2016 and had more than sixty-five thousand views on YouTube. The makeup tutorial was inspired by the sequel of the Purge, Election Year. The artist started the makeup tutorial by using Elmer’s glue to secure her brows and later used face paint and water-activated paint to give a green base to the face. Next, she used blue paint with a sponge to add definition, and we loved the result. Later, she used black paint to draw the eyes. Finally, for the blood, she used red paint with a mixture of crimson. To top it all off, she wore a liberty headband, keeping with the purge theme.

Recommended Products:

  • Hair Net
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Loose Powder
  • Makeup Forever Flash- Green
  • Makeup Forever Flash-dark Green
  • Makeup Forever Flash-black
  • Makeup Forever Flash-turquoise
  • Wolf Brothers-green
  • Wolf Brothers-turquoise Aqua
  • Dark Green Wolf Brothers
  • Kryolan Dayglo Cream Makeup/ Body Paint

Candy Girl

This purge makeup look is the middle ground between the candy girl makeup look, and the purge makeup looks. You’ll see a lot of blood and prosthetics in the video. The purge makeup video, titled “Purge Election Year Candy Girl Halloween Makeup,” was created by StarringShemka and had more than fifty thousand views on YouTube. The artist kept on the theme and used different products to look more life. The video was uploaded in 2016, right after the release of Election Year. The artist didn’t use a lot of neons and shadows but just went with red pigment all over the body.

Recommended Products:

  • Black Radiance True Composure Primer
  • ABH Dip Brow
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
  • ABH Contour Kit
  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
  • Carli Bybel Palates To Highlight
  • Bare Mineral Lip Gloss
  • BH Cosmetics Pop Of Color Palette
  • Sacha Buttercup
  • Airspun Powder

Another Election Year

This is a mini-series of purge makeup tutorials inspired by the Purge: The election Year of 2016 and created by Bonnie Corban FX in 2016. The makeup look features an American flag in the dace with the artist’s naturally blonde hair and a knife. The artist starts with glue and paper; the first thing is to cover her lips properly. Later, she draws lines with a nude pencil to get something natural. Oh, and did we mention the all-black lenses? It just summed up the whole look.

Product Recommendations:

  • Stick Of Non-toxic Glue
  • Liquid Latex
  • Nude Lip Liner
  • White Makeup
  • Water Activated Pain-navy Blue
  • Cream Paint-black
  • White Grease Paint
  • Water Activated Paint-red
  • Fake Blood

Purge Halloween Makeup Mask

This video tutorial on how to apply purge makeup looks to catch the true essence of the movie. And instead of going neon pink and flags, they go for something very realistic from the first purge movie from 2013. Makeup content creator Tina Konsik uploaded her video on purge makeup back in 2018 as the video is titled “PURGE Halloween Makeup Tutorial.” The video has more than eleven thousand views on YouTube and countless comments to go with it. However, the aesthetics of the video were kept as such. The video was uploaded on Halloween, and it kept to its start.

Products Used:

  • Beauty Blender In Blue
  • Sephora Liquid Liner
  • BH Cosmetics Loose Glitter
  • Tarte Camera Lights Camera Lash Mascara
  • Houseoflashes-midnight Luxe
  • Urban Decay Cosmetics-24/7 Liner
  • Double Wear Foundation By Estee Lauder
  • BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Concealer
  • Kevyn Aucoin-contour Palate
  • Huda Beauty Concealer
  • Wolfe Fx-water Activated Face Paint
  • ‘Too Faced’ Setting Spray

Characters from the purge that you can recreate!

In this article, we’ve only mentioned some of the characters, and most of them are very common. Most makeup artists get their ideas from photographs and movie trailers. But if you want to go all in with the purge movie, we recommend taking inspiration from the real characters instead. Why am I so concerned about the purge movie characters? One of my best friends threw an entire party on a purge theme, and we all had to dig deep to find out about a movie we were very scared to watch. So here I’ll be enlisting the lead characters from the Purge and all of its sequels that you might be able to pull off.

This character list also includes the 2020 series, The Purge.

1. Weird Cone Mask Guy

This guy wears a cone mask with red and blue stripes resembling the American flag. He was a member of Uncle Sam’s Crew. This mask is also known as the “Captain’s Nose Mask. For your version of Halloween, you can start with face paints in the colors white, blue, and red and try to create a closed-up version in the mouth with latex and paper. Let your hair shine bright on Halloween, and pair it with a blue jacket. The color blue should be prominent as it signifies the support of purge action.

2. Demon Mouth

We included a video on how you can recreate a video on the demon mouth from the sequel, Anarchy. The character is a member of the Biker Gang. This purger appeared in both Anarchy and Urban Nightmares. The big mouth skull purger needs a little more work, and you might want to give it some hours. Start with grey paint all over the face and draw an open mouth with red and orange paint from the chin to the neck. Give more emphasis on the teeth than usual. Make them more realistic. Wear a white T-shirt and maybe carry a hammer for Halloween.

3. Clown-Face Girl

The clown-faced girl appears during the election year, and she is Kimmy’s best friend in the movie. This look is perfect if you’re attending a clown ball on Halloween. For purging makeup looks, you can take references from the Joker; just change a few things. The clown face purger comes with a very vibrant costume and blood dripping from her arms. To start the look, use white face paint all over the face and draw very peaked brows, a very red nose, and a red lip with teeth. Carry a candy bar or a baseball bat on Halloween to complete the look.

4. Skipping Girls

These two purgers first appeared in the election year of 2013 and in the first Purge film. You’ll probably need liquid latex and a lot of tissue paper to create very high cheekbones and chins. The overall makeup is kept at bay; only the defined smile and cheeks are there. So keep your hair loose for Halloween, wear a white dress, and keep the rest simple. Oh, and you do need a friend just to pull off the look.

5. Guy in Hoodie

This is what really inspired the neon look for the purge makeup looks. The actual guy in the hoodie had black paint all over his face, and the structure of his skull was created with white fluorescent pigments. All you need for the costume is a hoodie and one or two face paint colors. Apply black paint as the base, and then use white pigment face paint to draw a cross on the eyes and a very creepy-smiley mouth with a straight line. For example, you can also use white paint to create structures around the face.

6. Polite Leader

The polite leader is one of the main antagonists in the Purge, who wants to kill their family of James as they shelter a homeless man. His words on the house’s doorstep will stay forever with the purge fans. The best way to pull off the polite man is to dress up in a suit and have hair down to the chin. And for makeup, use liquid latex. This is the place where you can skip makeup completely and buy a mask. This is just the shortcut, but the character himself is very stock in Halloween if you can pull it off.

7. Candy Bar Girl

You might need a white floaty dress with lots of blood in the front, basically ruining the dress for Halloween. The look is perfect for anyone who wants a steamy Halloween look and still wants to honor the Purge trends. Three of our friends put up the proper look for that particular party. But we crowned the one with a full face of white makeup. The candy bar girl purger from the Anarchy sequel has a red “Kiss Me” on her forehead. You might need to decorate the whole face with black teeth and some red paint on the chin and teeth. Oh, the kiss me the line was to lure the victims. For the Halloween costume, carry a weapon of choice and wear a corset to make it more legit.

8. Waving God

This is a straightforward Halloween and purges makeup look for guys. All you need is a hoodie and a full face of makeup. The inspiration emerges from the sequel of Purge: the Anarchy. The character is a gang leader who spends most of his time in the back and waving at people. To create the look, use white face paint and layer it to make it thick. Then use some red paint to decorate the rosy cheeks and very red lips. Next, draw some tight brows on the face. And lastly, write “GOD” on the forehead. Next, make the eye section black and hollow by using black paint. You can use a cape or a hoodie to finish the look for Halloween.

9. The Statue of Liberty

This purger is from the election year. We’ve already included a video tutorial on how to recreate the Liberty look. You might want to start with black face paint and a local liberty hat. Smudge the paint and take it to the neck and arms. Next, use neon aqua paint to draw a cross around the eyes. Next, make a line to represent the mouth. You can use liquid latex on the mouth to cover it up or leave it be. Wear a long tunic or a flowing chiffon scarf around the neck and arms to finish the look.

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How to start painting your face for a purge makeup look?

If you’re determined to purge for Halloween, we recommend doing some preliminary work before you begin. It doesn’t matter the characters you’re choosing or the idea you’re going for, but there are some essentials that you should follow before going deep into the purge makeup looks.

  • Use a primer at the base to smooth the skin, and it’ll eliminate any extra fine lines.
  • Use a non-toxic glue and ensure it doesn’t irritate your skin.
  • Set the latex and glue it with a loose translucent powder.
  • Use mostly liquid makeup, as it is easy to blend.
  • Use face markers to draw details.
  • For a more snitched jaw and shadows, use eyeshadow.
  • Start with minimal makeup and build it up eventually.
  • To remove paint and makeup, use a cue tip and micellar water.

And lastly, when you’re done partying, take off your makeup before bed. Instead, you can wear old clothes and hoodies to style your hair and keep fit. And for more aesthetics and devotion to the Purge, you can buy a cape.


To Sum Up

Purge makeup looks are very versatile. There are so many characters in the original movie and its sequels that you can do multiple looks on just one Halloween day. With time, you can transition from very simple to very edgy looks. Have your take on the Purge characters to bring out the best.

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