Girls’ Generation has solidified its place as one of the top girl groups in the K-pop scene. At the time they debuted, they quickly gained immense popularity as they captivated fans with their innocent beauty. In fact, Girls’ Generation is considered one of the K-pop groups with no visual holes.

But underneath the heavy makeup they wear for their schedules, how does each Girls’ Generation member look? So, let’s take a look at each one of them.

How Does Each Girls’ Generation Member Look With vs Without Makeup?

Girls’ Generation YoonA

YoonA has been mesmerizing fans with her incredible visuals ever since she debuted. She is known as one of the Korean celebrities who flaunts natural-looking makeup that emphasizes her clear skin. While she doesn’t put on quite a lot of makeup, she never forgets to wear bright lipstick. She is often spotted with pink, red, and peach-toned puckers to complement her barely-there makeup look.

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When she’s on a day off and has no makeup on, YoonA barely looks any different from her face with makeup. No wonder she’s one of the top visuals in K-pop and a part of SNSD’s “Bermuda line” – she has natural beauty.

Girls’ Generation Yuri

A part of Girls’ Generation’s “Bermuda Triangle,” Kwon Yuri is known for her clean and warm-toned makeup that still showcases her porcelain-like skin. She also sometimes amped up her look by boosting the glowy, dewy factor to highlight her fresh, youthful skin.

During her free time, Yuri also has a bare face, of course, to let her skin breathe. And surprisingly, she also boasts naturally beautiful visuals. She once removed her makeup on a TV show, and people couldn’t get over how gorgeous she looks even without any makeup on.

Girls’ Generation Seohyun

Seohyun is also part of SNSD’s “Bermuda Triangle” and has been praised for her mature and elegant beauty. She is also another member who wears subtle makeup most of the time.

Without makeup, Seohyun flaunts her charming and innocent appearance, as well as her flawless skin.

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung

In the past, Sooyoung was criticized for having quite rough features, unsuitable hairstyle, and pale makeup, hence, her visual was completely unnoticed. But now, she always wears fresh makeup styles that exude a bright aura, making the idol-actress stand out.

When she removes her makeup, there isn’t much difference between her bare face and makeup face, and SONEs are aware of this.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon prefers dewy and lightweight foundations. She also loves using brow mascaras to create soft feathery arches. She also doesn’t forget to apply lipstick, particularly A’pieu’s Juicy Pang Mousse Tint in CR03 Plum.

When she has no schedule, Taeyeon still looks good with her bare face and many fans wonder how she manages her youthful skin.

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Girls’ Generation Tiffany

With makeup, Girls’ Generation Tiffany looks elegant and sophisticated. And while she makes the process of putting makeup on effortless, it actually takes 18 steps to get her natural glowy look. She once revealed her 18-step beauty routine with Vogue.

While her 18-step beauty regimen creates a captivating look, Tiffany’s bare face still leaves people amazed as she still appears young even in her thirties.

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon

In an interview with Beauty+, Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon reveals that she let go of stage makeup with a thick base and false eyelashes, and went with a natural look with thin base makeup that lets her skin tone show. She also revealed that her favorite eye makeup is applying a pearly shade under the pupils.

When she only has bare face, Hyoyeon is as pretty as when she has makeup on.

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Girls’ Generation Sunny

Finally, as what her stage name, Sunny, suggests, the Girls’ Generation members shine when she has makeup on as she gives off a radiant atmosphere.

When she takes off all of her makeup, some say her bare face looks different from her makeup face. Nevertheless, she still appears charming.

Which Girls’ Generation member do you prefer with and without makeup? Tell us in the comments section below!

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