In the olden days, animal hair was the only material used for manufacturing makeup brush bristles. Subsequently, synthetic fibers were invented as a suitable alternative. But animal hair brushes still rank as the preferable raw material for manufacturing high-class brushes. It is because they are expensive but deliver excellent makeup results.

With the demand increasing by the day, people started mistreating animals and killing them for their fur. It resulted in a significant outcry among animal lovers who started protesting against animal cruelty. Therefore, most makeup brush manufacturers started concentrating on high-quality synthetic fibers as the best alternative. But they still manufacture animal hair brushes if demanded by their customers. Under such circumstances, they take extreme care not to treat animals with cruelty.

This blog discusses the most common types of animal hair used for making makeup brush bristles.

Goat Hair

Goat hair is the most common animal hair material used for producing makeup brush bristles. First, goat hair is the most readily available hair in the world. Secondly, removing goat hair does not cause any cruelty to the animal because the hair regrows naturally. Thirdly, goat hair is soft, resilient, and durable. It can pick up maximum pigments and color from makeup products to deliver excellent results. Finally, goat hair is considered the best for blending makeup.

Goat hair offers multipurpose uses and suits different types of brushes like eyebrow brushes, powder brushes, and eyeshadow brushes. However, manufacturers do not use goat hair for foundation or lip brushes because they need comparatively more rigid hair.

Horse Hair

Horse or pony hair is the second most common choice for manufacturing makeup brush bristles. Generally, makeup brush manufacturers use horse hair in combination with other animal hair to enhance their durability and resilience. In addition, combining horse hair with other hair creates softer brushes that deliver excellent functionality.

The best feature of horse hair is that they are the easiest to use and lasts the longest among all animal hair brushes. But, users must take extreme care to maintain these brushes from damage.

Horse hair brushes are perfect for eyeshadow and blusher products because they have an excellent color payoff and superb blending properties. Generally, the hairs are extracted from the horse’s mane and tail. Therefore, there is not much cruelty involved in removing horse hair. The hair regrows naturally in these body areas.

Badger Hair

Badger’s hair is unique because they are incredibly thick and resilient at the base. However, they taper toward the tip and are perfect for manufacturing makeup brush bristles. These bristles are also highly durable and resilient and feel gentle on the human skin. Therefore, these brushes are ideal for eyebrow brushes.

Secondly, badger hair brushes work with different products, including liquid, cream-based, and makeup powder. However, they are best when working with liquid or cream. Therefore, these brushes are perfect as lip brushes and concealers.

Recently, there was news that badgers were reared illegally and slaughtered for their hair. Though one cannot confirm the integrity of the news, these animals are vulnerable to cruelty.

Pine Squirrel Hair

Pine squirrel hair is an excellent raw material for makeup brush bristles because they are soft and thin. However, these hairs do not have a uniform texture. So they are perfect for use with smaller brushes like eye shadow brushes. Pine squirrel hair brushes can smudge color beautifully and are ideal for eye makeup brushes. However, some manufacturers procure carefully selected pine squirrel hairs for highlighter brushes and blushers. Therefore, such brushes are expensive.

Blue Squirrel Hair

Blue squirrel hair is amongst the softest of all animal hair bristles. They are delicate and thin at the tip. So the brushes made from blue squirrel brushes give a luxurious feel because of their superior texture. Generally, softer brushes are more challenging to control. But the blue squirrel bristles are convenient to control. Therefore, manufacturers use them for almost all kinds of makeup brushes, like eyeshadow, highlighter, finishing powder, and blush.

The most exciting feature of makeup brushes made from blue squirrel bristles is that they are excellent for delivering natural makeup looks. Unfortunately, these animals are rare, so the hairs are difficult to obtain. So usually, manufacturers combine blue squirrel hair with goat hair to give more intensity to the makeup brushes.

Canadian Squirrel Hair

Canadian squirrel hair is similar to blue squirrel hair because it is also soft with thin tips. However, the drawback is that Canadian squirrel hair is short. Therefore, it has limited utility. They are best for manufacturing small brushes like eyeshadow and highlighter brushes. Besides, Canadian squirrel hair is rare and expensive. Since these hairs are uniform and can be controlled comfortably, professional makeup artists love them.

Kazan Squirrel Hair

Kazan squirrels are scarce animals; hence, these hairs have a high value. They are similar to blue squirrel and Canadian squirrel hair. These bristles are incredibly soft and thin, perfect for highlighter, round-eye makeup brushes. Unfortunately, brushes made from Kazan squirrel hair are costly and rare.

The Best Choice of All – Goat Hair

We have discussed different kinds of animal hair brushes. For example, goat and pony hair is readily available, whereas Canadian and Kazan squirrel hair is scarce. Unfortunately, badger hair is surrounded by high controversies regarding animal cruelty. Under such circumstances, goat hair is the best option available to makeup brush manufacturers.

Queen Brush – Call to Action

Generally, we use synthetic fibers for manufacturing makeup brush bristles. But we offer customization facilities to our customers. So if they demand animal hair bristles, we arrange for the same and ensure they are cruelty-free. We recommend goat hair brushes to other animal hair because of their versatility. These brushes can suit different makeup brushes and are the easiest to obtain without cruelty to the animals.

Final Thoughts

Synthetic fibers are excellent for all kinds of makeup brushes today. They work best with wet makeup products. Though you have high-quality synthetic fiber brushes for picking powder products, they cannot match animal hair bristles in delivering a natural look with powder formulations. So animal hair has tremendous demand in the market. Queen Brush manufactures pure animal hair brushes for its customers. We also blend animal hair with synthetic fibers if the customer demands them. So we recommend goat hair as the best for makeup brushes, followed by pony hair.

By Hà Phương

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