Year: 2011-2012 Genre: modification Description: Building mods, utilities, downloaders, trainers, patches, antsezorov, transfers, clothing, ect … General mass – is fashion talent from the resource h0n9fier. Added description of the authors and little explanation. Installing mods To get started, install Illusion Wizzard latest version (v0520). There will definitely be all games from Illusion, including AA. But IW is in the hand. Unpack the downloaded program to any folder (but separate from the better games). Going into this folder, see the icon with a cute little dog. Click on it and in otkrvyshemsya window, select the desired top left us the game (in this case AA_PLAY). Go into the main page, which is empty. Exit the program (mandatory) and see that the icons will appear next to the folder AA_PLAY, and there are four folders. We need mods. In this folder we throw all the mods that we want (as it is in the archives) and then run a program. Now appear on the main page of fashion. Choose one of them and click a button Apply mod. Wait for the installation. Once the mod installed, it will change the color of the line. To delete a button fashion del mod. Backup is automatic. Installing with AAMake2Decrypt:

Uncensors [AA] [DEcen_Female_12DefaultSkinset] [AA] [Hair] [AG Retro Pubic Hair Wiz] [Oniraizzo] [AA] [SimpleGirlUncensor] [axia12] [v1] [AA] [3d pubic hair from Alex7997] launcher Artificial_Academy_Full_Rus Manual Artificial Academy Manual New Music [AA] [music from Alex7997] Bgm00 – Fausto Papetti – Theme From Paradise (Instrumental). Bgm01 – Bisquit] Bisquit – Zoo Zoo (Instrumental). Bgm02 – Candy Dulfer & David A.Stewart – Lily Was Here (Instrumental). Bgm03 – Saxophone – Careless Whisper (Instrumental). Bgm04 – Charice Pempenqo – I Just Called To Say I Love You (Instrumental) Bgm05 – Fausto Pappeti – Emmanuelle (Instrumental). Bgm06 – Caravelli Orchestra – Comme Toi (Instrumental). Bgm07 – Оркестр ОГАТОиБ – Тема любви (из к/ф “Гардемарины, вперёд!”). (Instrumental). Bgm08 – John Barry Orchestra – James Bond Theme (Instrumental). Bgm09 – SAX – Woman In Love (Instrumental). Persona 3:P music. >>> Bgm00 – Iwatodai Dormitory >>> Bgm01 – Peace >>> Bgm02 – Troubled >>> Bgm03 – Bonds >>> Bgm04 – Joy >>> Bgm05 – Living With Determination >>> Bgm06 – Want to be Close >>> Bgm07 – Warm Feeling >>> Bgm08 – Master of Tartarus >>> Bgm09 – Brand New Days Spice and Wolf AABgm00.wav = H Mood AABgm01.wav = Unpleasant AABgm02.wav = Serious AABgm03.wav = Laid-back AABgm04.wav = Bright AABgm05.wav = Dark AABgm06.wav = Normal AABgm07.wav = H Scene AABgm08.wav = Fights AABgm09.wav = Intro / My Room Sengoku Rance Music Conversion >>> Romance encounter >>> Standard background groove >>> Tense atmosphere >>> Relaxed background groove >>> Positive Encounter >>> Sad/melancholy encounter >>> Relaxed groove 2 >>> H-scene (this is the reason I bothered doing this) >>> Fight >>> Title Screen/Bedroom Clothing [AA] [Clothes] [Burberry Set] [bdpq] [AA] [Clothes] [HeelsStockings_BubbleSocks_3DUncensor] [by_albert5834_maliwey777_Futaboy_Bond_Travolta] [AA] [Clothes] [Panty Textures Pack] [DryYourTears] [AA] [Clothing] [School Factions – Elite Educators] [Bond Travolta] [AA] [Clothing] [School Factions – Magenta Hearts] [Bond Travolta] [AA] [Clothing] [School Factions – Novice Sailors] [Bond Travolta] [AA] [Clothing] [School Factions – Shadow Society] [Bond Travolta] [AA] [Clothing] [School Factions – Valhalla Valkyries] [Bond Travolta] [AA] [Outfit] [Short_Stockings_with_Fleshy_DDildo] [FutaBoy] [AA] [Outfit] [Short_Stockings_with_Fleshy_Dildo] [FutaBoy] [AA] [Outfit] [Short_Stockings_with_nubby_DDildo] [FutaBoy] [AA] [Outfit] [Stockings_with_Fleshy_DDildo] [FutaBoy] [AA] [Outfit] [Stockings_with_Fleshy_Dildo] [FutaBoy] [AA] [Outfit] [Stockings_with_nubby_DDildo] [FutaBoy] [AA] [UniformsVer2] [COLLECTIONs] [Uppervolta] Class_of_37 [AA] [Clothes] [Shirts + Black_Pants_for_Boys] [ddowntosea] Yellow Polka Dot Underwear [Bond Travolta] upillu2-0645 – panties [AA] [Stocking Textures] [Bond Travolta] Hairstyles [AA] [Hair] [BigPack_v1.6] [HongFire-UpperVolta-ZodGame-Kadumi1462-Midori] [AA] [Mod] [Hair] [Bleach] [Matsumoto-Rangiku] [Ke] [AA] [Hair] [side hair-USAMIMI-pink version] [AA] [Hair] [Hairtextures] [dryyourtears] [AA] [Mod] [Hair] [Zodgame] [Forum-Idol-1] [K] [14-Aug-2011] [AA] [Skin + Hair] [Bald headskin] [phgborges] [0.1] Other [AA] [Accessory] [Glasses] [3 3 Thick and Thin Glasses] [Uppervolta] [AA] [Face] [Color Sun Glasses v.1] [Thin Frame] [bdpq] [AA] [Background] [Sexual Posters] [Uppervolta] [AA] [Character] [Lesbian-Clothed_Top] [FutaBoy] [AA] [Character] [Lesbian-Open_Top] [FutaBoy] AAEyes [AA] [Eyes] [Eyetextures2] [dryyourtears] AA] [Eyes] [JGEyes verANM2.2] [uppervolta] [AA] [Eyes] [Hybrid – Saotome Ranma – 4chan-jp – Seth] [AA] [Male_Face_Mods] [Bishounen_Pack] [DryYourTears + mooble] [v1.0] [AA] [Russian subtitles from Alex7997] new Miscellaneous 2 Illusion_Wizzard_v0520 Artificial Academy HF Patch version 4.0 new AAMaker-Ru [1.0] [Kio] AAMaker-Ru 1.26 new Skins [AA] [All skins] [LipsEyesNails] [Meatmachine] _AA__Skin_Tattoos_and_skin_color [AA] [All_skins] [Realistic_skin] [ForNarik] [AA] [Realistic Nose Texture + Lips] [Kriswa] [AA] [Skin] PS_MangaNipples [AA] [Skin] [Black_Stockings] [Draa] [v1.1] [AA] [Skin] [Other_Stockings] [Draa] [v1.1] [AA] [Skin] [Stocking_Compilation] [Draa] [v1.1] [AA] [Skin] [White_Stockings] [AA] [Skin] EnhancedNipples [AA] [Light2Dark_SkinWTanlinesF] [GG] [AA] [Makeup] [All skins] [girls & thin guy] [Gamergirl] [AA] [Makeup] [All_skins] [FIX_Realistic_skin + +] [ForNarik] [AA] [Skin Textures] [Bond Travolta] [AA] [Skin] [Colorful Nails v.1] [All Body Shapes] [bdpq] [AA] [Skin] [Tattoos Pale and Normal] [Monetstargazer] [AA] [Realistic nose texture + lips] [Alex7997] new [AA] [Realistic nose texture + lips + make-up – 2] [Alex7997] new [AA] [Realistic nose texture + lips + make-up] [Alex7997] new The body [AA] [Body] [Ultimate Stockings v.1a] [standard body sets] [bdpq] [AA] [Body] [Ultimate Stockings v.1b] [bdpq curvaceous sets] [bdpq] [AA] [Body] [Ultimate Stockings – pubic hair patch] [standard & curvaceous] [bdpq] [AA] [Body] [shorter and taller girls] [V0.2] [AA] [Body] [Perky Breasts v.1] [All Body Shapes] [bdpq] [AA] [Body] [normal height] [normal to bubbly-butt] [bdpq] [AA] [Body] [normal height] [chubby to curvaceous] [bdpq] [AA] [Body] [Girl_To_Futanari-StockingsnFleshy_DDildo [FutaBoy] [AA] [Body] [Girl_To_Futanari-StockingsnFleshy_Dildo [FutaBoy] [AA] [Body] [Girl_To_Futanari-Stockingsnnubby_DDildo [FutaBoy] [AA] [Body] [Girl_To_Futanari-Short_StockingsnFleshy_DDildo [FutaBoy] [AA] [Body] [Girl_To_Futanari-Short_StockingsnFleshy_Dildo [FutaBoy] [AA] [Body] [Girl_To_Futanari-Short_Stockingsnnubby_DDildo [FutaBoy] [AA] [Body] [Girl_To_Futanari-Fleshy_DDildo [FutaBoy] [AA] [Body] [Girl_To_Futanari-Fleshy_Dildo [FutaBoy] [AA] [Body] [Girl_To_Futanari-nubby_DDildo [FutaBoy] [AA] [Body] [curvaceous body set v.1] [All Body Shapes] [bdpq] [AA] PartialClothingRemoval Character [AA] [Character] [Futanari-Clothed] [FutaBoy + BondTravolta] [AA] [Character] [Futanari-Clothed-Regular_Uniform] [FutaBoy] [AA] [Character] [Futanari-Half_Nacked-Regular_Uniform] [FutaBoy] [AA] [Character] [Futanari-Half_Naked] [FutaBoy + BondTravolta] [AA] [Character] [lolieyesv2] [aireca]

AA Mods.rar – 1.6 GB

By Hà Phương

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